7 Dec

Hey, Jane here.

Do you want to attract someone but don’t know how? Did you already try different strategies but none have worked so far? Why don’t you try adding a little bit of musicality?

Jason says I look hot with these headphones!

I went to talk to my friend Jason from Calgary, Alberta, who is a master at cello, and this is what he says.

“Music is one of the best ways to strengthen the power of attraction,” says Jason. “Majority of people love music.” Different kinds of music attract different people. Dating can boil an attraction when music is incorporated on it. Imagine watching a romantic movie without background music. It has no impact. It’s boring and you don’t feel any emotions of love. Music is the reason why a lot of musical bands easily get so popular that it boosted the music industry.

Using Music For… Dating?

In other words, music can be a powerful ingredient to a successful dating. With music in dating, there’s no room for boredom, just love, love, and love. The funny thing though is that most people overlook at what music can do in terms of dating a special person. If they are not good in music, they easily give up with this kind of strategy. Well, to tell you the truth, you don’t have to be good at music to attract someone you like. You don’t have to have gone to music lessons in the past to bring that special someone closer to you.

It may be a bit unfortunate for some people who don’t have the talent in music. But that doesn’t mean they can’t use music to attract their special someone. If you want to use music to attract your potential partner but don’t have the talent for it, don’t fret. There are always better ways… like playing her a seductive song!

See this article – http://www.nerve.com/entertainment/music/title-tk

Music is everywhere. The easiest way is to download them. Have a date with the girl or guy you like and play romantic music while eating and then dance together as if the music will never end.

One of the most effective kinds of music that can be very attractive is the classical music. You can search and download for instrumental versions of popular love songs. A piano or a violin instrumental can be more than enough to keep the fire of love burning.

Talented? Use It!

If you have the innate talent of music, then take it as your best advantage. Singing love songs can be very romantic. It uplifts people’s spirit and calms their thoughts. If you are talented at it, go ahead and flaunt it. If you have an additional talent of composing music, then that would be an added bonus. You can use that talent to express your feelings toward a person. You can also use it to take away their pain and frustrations in life. It makes you even more attractive. Want to know how to get a girl friend? Then learn a musical instrument! Or read this!

Music begets good and happy memories – memories that people have with their special person in life. This is why lovers have theme songs. It is that kind of magic that music can provide. So don’t underestimate music. Go ahead and choose the best love song that can attract your special someone and dedicate it to him or her. Attracting someone through music could be one of the most romantic and effective dating strategies.



Single MILFs!

17 Dec

Dating a single mom can be as challenging as it is exciting. Unlike dating regular single women, single moms have other people attached to them (aka kid/s and exes) and that fact brings in all the difference. Having someone who is fully attached to someone else requires you extra understanding, extra patience, and in general, a totally different approach to dating. How to make a girl laugh? Know it now!

What to expect

You can expect a lot of things when dating a single mom – shorter dates, play dates, occasional run-ins with the ex – that among other things. Sure you can expect a lot of things when you’re dating a woman with child but that does not include any of these things; here are some things you could never expect from dating a single mother:

  •   You cannot expect her to prioritize you. Her child/children will always be her top priority and so you will have to come in second, third, or much lower in the priority list until your relationship gets more serious. But if you’re not looking to settle down too soon and you’re willing to wait it out, take things slow and watch where your little romance will take you, this should be great news for you somehow. This means that she won’t be clingy or needy and she won’t rush you into moving in together because she has kids to think about. Bonus: see this interesting article too.
  • You cannot expect her to not to talk about her kid/s. If you don’t want to date someone who talks about her kids, then you don’t have a business dating single mothers at all. Mommies will always be mommies, and mommies-first-girlfriend-second at that, so somewhere along the course of the conversation the topic of her children will somehow come up. But that is not saying that she’d be ranting non-stop about her kids all night. Mommies need breaks too and your date is that one perfect opportunity for her to be the grown up who talks about grown up stuff.
  • You cannot expect her to play your dating game.  Single moms, though how slow they are willing to take your relationship, are through with the games people play in the dating scene. They are not at all willing to put up with childish dating games and bad habits just to be in a relationship. That’s what probably ended their relationship with their baby daddies! They want men who want a real relationship.
  • You cannot expect her to be all googly eyed over the simplest, smallest things that don’t really mean much or anything at all in the real world. I’m not saying that all single moms are cynical; all I’m saying is, like dating games, they are through with that too. They’ve learned their lessons and they know what they want in a relationship. So if you think your little senseless antic and fruitless words of love would make her swoon over you, you’re absolutely wrong. They’re wiser this time around.


If you can’t put up with any of these facts, then you are better off dating someone who is single and without child. You wouldn’t make the cut for the standards single mommies have for their future lovers.

The Art Of Giving

2 Dec

One of the biggest, but in my opinion the cutest, flaws about the male kind is this: men don’t know how to give gifts to women. Tell me, how many times have you ended up with a frowning girlfriend when you gifted her that food processor that she’s always loved on your anniversary? And how many men do you know have spent twice on their girlfriend’s birthday gifts just because they made the wrong choice the first time?

Hold on, here are tips for friends with benefits.

Birthday Gift Ideas

So, in honor of all the men who fell in the battle of the perfect birthday gift, and to give the rest of mankind a chance to make things right with their current or next girlfriends, I have listed down some awesome birthday gift ideas that you could prepare for your girlfriends; this has an 80-100% success rate so you might seriously want to give this a try:

  • Give her a surprise party. The best time to do this is on the midnight leading up to her birthday. And the best way to do this is not alone. Gather up her best friends and family, find someone who can stall things for you and voila! Surprise her by greeting her right at the very first second of her birthday. Sure sounds like a cliché but it definitely is a sure, classic winner. You don’t have to have too many things for her; a few balloons in her favorite color, a cute cake, and all of the people important to her, plus some simple party goodies (cola, some alcohol maybe, some finger foods, karaoke) and a lot, lot, lot of love. Oh don’t forget the flowers for her too. The bad side to this is that she may look for something tangible other than the party so rack up your budget with something exclusive from you to her – get ideas from the next items.
  • Jewelry. No one goes wrong with jewelry. It does not need to be the real expensive kind though. You don’t have to go broke in getting her a fancy name pendant, or a pair of earrings. But be very, very careful not to get her any kind of ring. The last thing you want is to get her on an emotional roller coaster where she ends up thinking you’re proposing when you’re not and her excitement all goes down. Lay off on the ring for the meantime.
  • Cook up a three- or five-course meal for her. You don’t have to be a chef to pull this one off perfectly; you just have to have a mom or an auntie who’s great in the kitchen and get some help from them. Transform her patio or your living room into a five-star restaurant and voila! You’ll give her the best birthday gift that she couldn’t get anywhere else on the planet. (Jewelry might still be required at the end of the dinner though).
  • An audio-visual presentation for her. Come on, Windows Movie Maker can’t be that bad this is not an excuse! Even smartphones these days have video editing apps! So if you don’t have the chops to ‘write it in a love song’, make her an entire video presentation telling her how much you love her and why.
  • A public greeting. If you’re rich enough, rent an ad space in your city to greet her on your birthday and have some balloons, cakes, flowers – you know the drill – prepared for her. If you cannot fully afford this, pay up some neighborhood kids and do it a la Ben Stiller in Meet the Fockers, where all the kids lined up and wore letters on their backs. Be creative about it and it will surely melt her heart.

The best gifts are those that you’ve put so much effort on. You can also visit my last blog post here. Good luck!

If She Hates You, She’ll Say This

6 Nov

woman-pushing-man-trying-to-kiss-her-awayWomen are known to be the more eloquent and more vocal of the genders, but it still proves challenging for women to reject men in the face. And for two good reasons: we don’t want to hurt people and we don’t want to draw ire from them.

The problem about this thing is that some men mistake it as an innocent little thing but do not get the whole point of it: to bust off because it’s a ‘no’. And that leaves an even bigger problem for the women when the guys don’t get the real message.

How to know if she is just not that into you

Gentlemen, consider this a favor: should the lady tell you any of these things, know that she is just not that into you:

  • I have a boyfriend”. Whether or not she really has a boyfriend, if she tells you that she has, then it’s time for you to go. You can’t possibly be rooting for a real committed relationship with a woman who is in a relationship (or at least pretends to be in one)? And besides, if she were truly interested in you, she would do something about being with you even when she is in an actual relationship.relationship-excuses-imanueljannah-blog
  • I am too busy”. If she has time to go to the bar, or party with her friends, she might not be really interested in you. If a woman is interested in knowing you, she’d put a “…but I think I can” in her sentence. Telling you that she is too busy about things that she can hardly justify about is like telling you that she does not have the willingness to give you and your feelings any of her time. SO move on and don’t waste yours.
  • “I’m not interested in being in a relationship right now”. Believe her when she says she isn’t. It does not matter whether she’s not interested in relationships per se, or if she’s just not interested in a relationship with you specifically. This is an outright ‘No’ and I don’t see why you shouldn’t recognize that.
  • “You’re too nice for me”. If you were so nice, why would she not want you to be her boyfriend? Trust me, it can’t possibly be because you’re too nice. She just does not like you and don’t think that you can try to become less nice just to fit into the kind of man that she would want to be in a relationship with.
  • “You’re such a great friend”. Darling, darling, darling, you have just been friendzoned. When she tells you that you’re such a great friend, she does not see you as anything else so it’s no use letting her enslave you because she would never see you as anything than her best-est little buddy and never as her Prince Charming!

If she tells you any of these things, no matter what you guys have done together on your dates, it may be best to let her go; and by best, I mean to find yourself with the best woman you can possibly have. And yes, women are hard to decode. But there are Some good ways to make a girl think about you all the time, maybe this will work on your next date!

Good luck with that! :)

Post Breakup Blues

25 Oct

After being official, breakups are never a happy thing. No matter how horrible the relationship has been, or at least no matter how horrible your now ex-girlfriend was, there will always be some pangs of pain and attachment on one or both parties. There always are the usual feelings of regret, of wanting to undo what has been done, sometimes even the impulse to take revenge.

Stop doing these things!

Things you should not do to your ex.

Things you should not do to your ex.

But lo and behold, this is the time to not only enjoy a happy single person freedom, but more a perfect time to practice self-control and stop yourself AT ALL COSTS from doing these things to your ex:

  • Seek revenge. Really, for what? Even if she did cheat on you, walk all over you, or maybe even abused you, revenge really is not the answer. It cannot undo her faults at you, it cannot make your life any better, and your ways will never be better than karma’s ways. So just leave it to karma and find your own path to happiness, and move on with the rest of your life. Take it slow, take it fast – it does not matter. The wrong that your ex did to you and her evil streak in her DNA is not worth your time. Don’t taint your road to moving on and happiness with anger. PS: your happiness is enough to destroy her (which I think is a better form of revenge).
  • Get a rebound. It’s a temporary happiness that could cost another woman a heartbreak. If you can take that in your conscience, if you can actually sleep peacefully knowing that you’re ‘having fun’ while someone’s bound to be broken hearted, go ahead. I’m not gonna stop you. Maybe karma will.
  • Mope around and ruin your life because you’re too hurt and blame it on your ex. Okay you’re hurt. You’re hurt and you don’t want to meet any woman anymore, you don’t want to go out and all you want is to lie down on the couch, drink rum and eat Cheetos and lose your job and be a bum. You’re hurt and you want to ruin your life. AND YOU WANT TO BLAME HER FOR ALL OF IT. So maybe she gets the blame for breaking your heart; for screwing up, for hurting you real bad. But totally ruining your life but sulking over her and not moving on with your life and drowning in misery? Surprise, surprise: the blame’s on you on that one buddy! She brought you there, why’d you have to stay there when you know it’s not a good place for you?
  • Go on a date and try to get back together. There comes a point in a breakup where everything can never be fixed. There’s a period where reconciliation is possible, there are cases when the relationship can be salvaged by some effort, but there are breakups that can never be undone. The relationship has come to a very deep rut and both of you have reached the final straw and even you know that yourself. Don’t worsen the pain and the misery and just let go when you think every kind of effort’s been exhausted.
  • Have casual sex. Your relationship, or at least what has become of it, is too complicated; and casual sex is never casual between exes so don’t even think about it.

how to get her to fall in love with you? See this useful tips from an interesting site.

Deliciously Sexy Songs!

22 Oct

Women are more easily stimulated by what they hear than what they see; that is why music has always been a very essential tool in romance. Yes, gentlemen, as you may already know, your choice of music can make or break your romantic pursuits.

And this is especially true if you’re actually trying to get a little intimate. See, women need more than just a little whisper or a hand gesture. Women need to be in the mood and making her watch porn on repeat may not exactly be her idea of “getting in the mood”. And yes, music can help her decide in your favor, if you know what songs to play.
Finding the right songs to get her in the mood might not be as easy as playing any of the club songs these days (which are, basically, just describing sex). You need to find the right kind of song – one whose rhythm and lyrics can tease her imagination without exactly being explicit.

Song to make a best date EVER

It's the right choice of song!

It’s the right choice of song!

Don’t know which songs to put on repeat? Here are some suggestions to work on the art of attraction. The 5 most romantic date night songs:

  1. Make Love in This Club by Usher ft. Young Jeezy. Okay, not exactly as inexplicit and as romantic as I said it should but admit it: the music, the slow beat, and well, Usher – it makes you want to dim the lights and slow dance to it. Turn down the AC because dancing to this will make you want to sweat it out in a sexy, steamy dance. Then you decide what happens next. Sexiest line: “If you didn’t know/You’re the only thing on my mind/Cause the way I’m starin’ at you/Got me wanting to give it to you all night
  2. Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton. This song has had a lot of other interesting versions including an acoustic and reggae versions. But the best, or rather, sexiest ones are the original slow rock and the sax versions. While the lyrics don’t give you so much a hint of some lovemaking at the end of the night, but the music is very, very sexy. And that’s why it is so much sexier on the sax. You can imagine it playing while you’re sipping wines and exchanging sexy glances as you slowly inch closer towards each other. (Replace wine with some rum-based cocktail if you’re playing the reggae version instead!Sexiest line:And I say yes/ I feel wonderful tonight
  3. I’ll Make Love to You by Boyz II Men. I don’t know anyone who would not agree that this is one of the best, most sensual – AND MOST HONEST – of sexy songs. It’s far from explicit, but you know it’s quite straight to the point. The sexiest part about this is that, the point of the song is not to please himself. He wants to please his woman the way she wants to be pleased; and that message of selflessness can give any woman the goosies and yes, get her in the mood. Sexiest line: Every word of this song is sexy. You can’t argue with that. See this article also.
  4. Your Body Is a Wonderland by John Mayer. You can play this any time of day and it will give you the same results every single time. There’s not quite a song out there that’s as sexy as it is poetic as this John Mayer masterpiece. It makes me forget that John Mayer is one shameless player! You don’t need dim lights, you don’t need spirits – you just need John Mayer. It nailed giving your ladylove the ego boost, while perfectly making any woman feel secure and loved…and yes – ADORED!’ Sexiest line:We got the afternoon/ we got this room for two/ one thing left to do/ discover me discovering you” (And practically every other line that comes after it
  5. Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye. Ahh, nothing beats the classics. This 70s hit is intriguing and provocative and convincing. And don’t get me started on the music. The really smooth, jazzy beat will definitely make you want to move smooth, and make her want to move with you. Sexiest line: “And if you feel like I feel/ Then come on baby let’s get it on

Become Official after the date! Hope this helped you! Good luck :)

How to Become “Official”

8 Oct


Are you an OFFICIAL couple?

So you’ve earned the first date and learned the 5 reasons to go on a blind date. And then you were interesting enough for the second, third, and every other date that came after. You’ve met each other’s friends, you’ve made out enough times to know each other’s shape of tongue, and you may or may not have had sex yet.

But you’re not yet officially a couple.
In fact, you don’t have a name for whatever you are to each other. And it’s hard enough when you’re alone and contemplating whether or not you should get jealous over her next night out; it gets even harder when you guys have to introduce each other to friends and family. Are you friends? Are you lovers? Are you friends with benefits? Or do you just introduce each other in the first name?
Not taking the side of either gender here and don’t take me wrong, but the guy is almost always the one to initiate the getting-to-the-next level part. How do you do it?
Or rather, the more apt question would be, how do you do it fashionably? How do you do it in a manner that somehow assures you that (a) it’s the right thing to do and (b) she’d likely say ‘yes’ to your proposal.

Make it Official!

Here are some helpful tips for every gentleman out there:

  • Ask yourself: why do you want to make things official? This is something you have to answer yourself. Heck, this is something only you can answer mister! Answers like: ‘because we’ve been together long enough’, ‘my friends think we make a good couple’, and ‘my mom likes her’ should only be minor, supporting factors and the main reason should be how you feel about her. Are your feelings for her enough to want to start a serious relationship with her?


    Be official.

  • Gauge her actions and feelings towards you. See, if you want a rejection-proof proposal, you have to be at least 90% sure that she’s into the idea as much as you. Between you and me, a little inside intel would greatly help on this area. So play the ‘what if’ game, ask her what she thinks about long term and serious relationships, ask her shamelessly what she thinks about you even. Ask a friend to ask these questions if you want to save your face too!
  • Time your proposal perfectly. You could have the perfect proposal planned but if you come at an ill-time (PMS, bad hair day, bad day at work, in the midst of an argument, etc), all of your efforts will prove futile. To be more effective, here’s where to get dating advice (for guys).
  • Choose your words carefully. This is something only you know how to do – after all, to each his own. But make sure that there is not an element in what you’re going to tell her that will make her want to say no to you.
  • Be sincere. For many, a serious and committed relationship is a dream come true. To some, it is a daunting upgrade to their comfortable dating status. But however way you feel about it, make sure that you are sincere in everything you do.

So, are you ready to take things to the next, probably the best, level? Know it by this article from Glamour.com.

Blogging Again

1 Oct

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a long time since my previous post on dating with short men, I’ve been really busy doing a lot of stuff. That’s why i need a help, really need this for this period of time—

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A guest blogger for a short length of time because of my very busy schedule. I might need someone, who can write and speak perfect English (but no need to be their first language but of course I prefer someone who is), someone can post my articles and someone who can right an ORIGINAL article most of the time. I know this will be an easy job for those who love blogging and know what they’re doing.


I need a blogger with good typing speed!

        At first this will be a temporary position but if I really like your work and you, probably this may work for a full time and long term relationship with us. I will discussed and train if needed someone with great potential. Just message me anytime with the detail provided below. Thank you!

And also, you can view this article http://goaskalice.columbia.edu/need-help-start-dating for references on how to start dating for the meantime.

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She’s Still Sobbing. Spare Her The Agony

12 Sep

Hello, readers! I hope you’ve been doing all right lately. So anyway, I have a friend who’s currently recovering from a bad breakup so I decided to write about it.

So, like my friend, you’ve had a bad breakup and the accompanying heartbreak did not wait long to show up. But you’re over that now and you think you’re ready to give love another chance – let’s drink to that! You’re on your way to another phase in your life and well on your way to recover your love life.

Sometimes, however, dating after breakup can be very challenging, especially if you have not been single for so long. There’s the entire process you have to go through all over again–meeting a girl, the mind games, the flirting phase, the emotional attachment/detachment, and eventually finding out how to get a girl to love you. It would be hard to act around a different woman, to think like a single guy, and it might even be hard to get around with the flirting part. But hey – it’s okay! It’s totally fine to be awkward and uncomfortable about dating anew after a long and bad breakup. Girls would not appreciate some guy who’s an expert at dating because that would only mean he’s been with so many girls; way too many girls in fact.

So this blog is dedicated to you men out there who are trying to find their way back into the dating world. As a proper welcome back for you, here are some post-breakup dating etiquette tips:

  • The three-month rule still exists and should still be followed. This is especially true if you have just come from a really long relationship. It is proper etiquette to actually wait three months or maybe even longer before you go out with someone new. It means you are giving yourself enough time to (1) open yourself for reconciliation, (2) grieve over the relationship that you’ve lost, and (3) live and accept the single life. Dating is very complicated– whether it’s a regular date a blind date, a speed date, a group date– it just is. Also, it sends the right message to your past girlfriend and your future date: to the ex, you are telling her that you respected your relationship so much that you gave yourself the time and the chance to fully heal and move on from it; and to the new date, an assurance that she is not a rebound.
  • Talking about your ex, no matter how tempting it is, is always a no-no. This is one of the things that every person going on a date should know: your ex is a no-no topic. It does not even matter whether you’re saying good or bad things about her; talking about the ex is definitely a no-no.
  • Avoid going to places you and your ex used to frequent. It sends the wrong message and quite frankly, it is not healthy for the heart that is trying to move on. The relationship was over and taking your new date to your old dating favorites with your ex is just reopening old wounds. It would not make your date happy to know that you might actually be using her as a substitute for the ex or that you’re using her to relive your failed relationship.
  • Do not talk to your date about your cynicism on relationships, your failed relationships, or anything negative. If you read our previous post about topics to avoid during the first date, you know how it goes. You don’t exactly have to be Mr Positivity, but it would delight your date and give your dating life better chances if you talk about less negative, more charming things.

Getting back on the dating track can be challenging after a long relationship and a bad breakup. Take it slow, take it easy. Take chances again. You deserve it.

Blind Date? Are You Blind Enough?

24 Jul

If you are in the dating circuit, this subject should most defiantly have crossed your mind at least once. Blind dating is still hot, and for a lot of people looking for a surprise date with no prejudice and hardly any expectations, blind dating offers that.There are lots of advice you’ll get from others. Advice from Matt Ganz on how to get girls are the best.

By the way, here’s a hoedown on blind dates which I really enjoy… it’s really funny!

If you’re one of those men who are looking for something to spice up their dating lives, but frown at or raise an eyebrow on blind dating, here are some reasons that might convince you to just go ahead and get on a date with some stranger:


Blind dates are not scary.

1. It makes you meet all kinds of people. Everyone can blind date, all you might know about the other person is the gender and the age, but nothing more. Blind dates can make you meet the soul mate and love of your life, or can make you meet someone who can be a great friend. In any case, no harm is done, because even if the date turns out to be a flop, you won’t have to see each other ever again.

2. Blind dating fits a busy lifestyle. You can blind date after a day of work, just dress up and bring a generic gift for your date, and you are all set. With blind dates, you do not  need to worry or stress about trying to memorize their hobbies they have entered on some online dating profile, no need to find out who they are. Because they will tell you, that’s what the blind date is about, to get to know each other. Without pre knowledge or prejudges.

3. Friends and family can help you. If your friends or family know someone who is actively dating too, they can set you up for a blind date, and you should be open for it! Family and friends you know well, so well in fact, they seem to know you better and you know yourself. That’s why they can perfectly set you up for a blind date with another person who they think would match your personality and lifestyle.

4. No expectations + no prejudice = nothing to lose. You have nothing to lose when you go on a blind date; you don’t even have to feel guilty at all if the date goes sour, and neither side is expecting much of the date. More often than not, if you do not meet someone that fits you, you will end up with just a good time together and make a new female friend in the process. Who knows, this newfound friend will set you up with dates with her other friends! Having fun is key in dating. Do not be discouraged and keep looking, one of those dates might just be the one!

5. Dating is not scary, and blind dating should not be any different. Don’t be fearful and get out there, meet total strangers and just have fun. Just as long as you behave well and like a true gentleman, and just have fun, you will be perfectly fine.

If you decide to go on a blind date, I suggest you read on the topics not to bring up on a first date. You will never know, even if you fail finding a relationship match you might just find a new friend out there.

Still not convinced? Read this nice article and let me know how it goes.

How to Respond to Her Flirtatious Advances

8 Jul

She’s looking at you. She’s passed you by more times than necessary. And she stares at you beyond any strict etiquette-person would ever allow. Every sign points to one thing: she’s flirting with you.

What do you do? Not all men can handle the pressure of responding to a female who’s confident enough to make her moves. And more often than not, the whole flirting game ends up even before the poor guy could even think about how to respond.

If you’ve been through this kind of situation way too many times, then by all means you need help. Her advances should be working all to your advantage, and if it isn’t, then you may be wasting so many dating opportunities.

First off, you have to know and verify whether or not she’s actually flirting with you. A combination of two or more of these is telltale signs that she’s flirting with you:

  • Her stares linger. If she stares at you way too long, or she’s seeing to the point that you know she’s giving you the stares, then she’s trying to get your attention. She would either get on a staring contest with you, or look away with a sly smile when you look back.

Overreacting is one sign she’s flirting with you. Watch out!

  • When she exaggeratedly reacts to whatever you’re talking about. But her silence doesn’t mean she’s not interested at all. Think she’s using too much ‘Ooohh’s’? or ‘Aaahhh’s’? Or maybe is going a little too far on the ‘Awwww…’? Or does she giggle a little too often, or at every other word you say? Well, she’s apparently trying to get your attention and sending you a message: ‘Hey I’m interested!’
  • When she gives you the attention you don’t deserve. So you’re talking in a group, but the spotlight wasn’t you. However, all her attention was still on you. Doesn’t that sound like true flirting?
  • She touches you a little too much. Her touches are either few but lingering, or short but plentiful. And she touches you in provocative areas like the arm, the knee, or the back of the hand. Sometimes maybe even the face.

What to do when she’s flirting at you:

  • If you’re looking to boost your dating life, the last thing you want is to waste an opportunity as good as this. If the girl in question is someone you like, or someone you might like, then by all means, here are the tips:
  • Play it cool. No need to panic or shake your tail feathers exaggeratedly. You’re not a peacock.
  • Start with a stare to let her know that she actually caught your attention. She needs to know her efforts are working so she does not get frustrated and stop abruptly.
  • Smile. You’ll never go wrong with a sweet, gentle smile. It’s safe and it’s effective. And has other health benefits, too!
  • Start a conversation or respond to the one she started. Get to know her better.

However, if she isn’t someone you like, simply pretend that you did not notice it. Read what SIBG.com says about picking up women, so you’ll never make a mistake of picking up someone you’ll end up  not liking. Saves you time and the trouble. You’ll never know what you miss – someone you might find interesting someday – if you stop them right away. Happy flirting.